Kluthuthu Christian College encourages childrens active play and so provides access to a variety of off site venues to accommodate to a plethora of sports, such as tennis courts, recreational ovals, basketball courts and an indoor gymnasium allowing students to play indoor soccer and other indoor sports.

Kluthuthu Christian College value student wellbeing and health first, so we will have a Sick Bay for students

With its Music and Arts program, Kluthuthu will conduct these lessons in classrooms and in the outdoors, stimulating the childrens creative spirit.

Every classroom will contain it's own personal collection of reading resources, paired with a set of laptops to be used by that class. Reading areas will be comfortable, to allow kids to be able to focus on their reading, and help them learn to enjoy reading.

To develop the childrens appreciation for the land and care of it, flower and vegetable gardens will be established around classrooms, while in the future a sensory garden will be estabilished.

  • These areas double as outdoor education areas and useful for cultural activities.