At Kluthuthu Christian College, we are committed to producing young people who are ready to have a positive impact on the community. We aim to develop:

  • An emphasis on health, nutrition, fitness and sport
  • Creative thinking and encouraging arts based studies
  • Values based learning including respect for all people, authorities and God
  • Global and digital citizens with a strong sense of personal responsibility

Kluthuthu Christian College will develop within students a moral compass that is focused on Godly teachings leading to the formation of  a worldview that is strongly founded upon Christian values and teachings, preparing students for the world

Kluthuthu Christian College offers an unique learning experience for primary school children, where children are in an environment where they are not only learning from their teachers, but the whole community, as the community will play an active role in both the teaching and learning of the students. Co-curricular programs and social justice programs will be provided with the aim to encourage community participation.

Small classes allow for students to receive uniquely tailored learning experiences to cater for a diverse range of students learning methods, allowing relationships to form between staff and teachers, further building community.