The Founding Board

Kluthuthu Christian College (KCC) is an independent not-for-profit College registered with the Queensland, Non-
State Schools Accreditation Board (NSSAB). The College is scheduled to open on 23 January 2023. The vision of the
College is to benefit the wider community, specifically targeting the Indigenous children and community of
Napranum (situated south of Weipa) with a Christian values-based education.
Our Board member diversity has Aboriginal elders and traditional owners who believe in the benefits of a Christian
College for their community. The Board also has experienced educators who have the knowledge and skillset to
establish a community school which will provide quality teaching and learning.

KCC is delighted that its vision for a school in Napranum aligns with a 10-year visionary plan for this community. This
plan was initiated in 2011 by the then Mayor and current Councillor Mr Roy Chevathen of the Napranum Aboriginal
Shire Council (NASC) and who is also the Deputy Chairman on the KCC Board. The economic development section of
the plan included a key priority corporate goal to ‘‘Get our School Back” and was published in 2013. KCC is therefore
excited to translate this historical vision into a reality.

Since 5 November 2015 when Mr Mark and Doctor Avril Howard visited Weipa, there has been extensive
consultation with the traditional elders, local community, and stakeholder engagement. With 100% support from
Traditional Owners, Kluthuthu Christian College Ltd. proceeded to establish a Christian school in Napranum.


dr avril

Dr Avril Howard

dr avril

Mr Roy Chevathen

Deputy Chairman
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Ms Jacqui Malacoola

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Mr Vernon Clark

dr avril

Mr Mark Howard

Founding Visionary
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Ms Kaylene Jawai