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Kluthuthu Christian College


Kluthuthu Christian College is a Christian School with a strong foundation in Biblical teachings and values


Kluthuthu Christian College will offer a quality education with teachers with years of experience and expertise


Kluthuthu Christian College is all inclusive and supportive of students and individuals from varying cultural and ethnic backgrounds

Become part of Kluthuthu History Today!

By making a donation, you will be contributing to the KCC School Building Fund, benefiting the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander community of Napranum for generations to come, while being honored as a donor on a commerative wall in the College and invited to the opening ceremony of Kluthuthu Christian College!

Principal's Message

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As Principal of Kluthuthu Christian College, I am very excited to say that the power of the dream that Mark Howard had in July 2015 to start a Christian College will become a reality on 23 January 2023.

The Journey

It may have started with a dream, but there has been years of hard work to make Kluthuthu Christian College a reality, including relationship building leading up to the present, where the school site is undergoing a physical transformation


Kluthuthu Christian College will offer a comprehensive education program for children from prep to grade 6



Make an enrolment enquiry now and join the excitement of becoming a founding member of Kluthuthu Christian College!


Our Vision

"Education spells Legacy"

Kluthuthu Christian College will be an all inclusive, co-educational Christian school, aiming to provide a safe learning environment for all students, striving to build students who make a positive impact on their community, family and ultimately, the World

Our Community

Family orientated learning and formation of an intimate school community is an important value that Kluthuthu Christian College wishes to impart on it's students